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Train station / platform:

When using the escalators, remember to stand on the left, walk on the right.

Good morning customers. Your next service to depart from platform 2 will be the 10:17 Lilydale, stopping all stations to Lilydale, except East Richmond. [Repeat] Customers for Belgrave are advised to board this train and change at Ringwood. And always remember to touch on your myki at the start of your journey.

Good morning customers. Your next service to depart from platform 2 will be the 10:17 Lilydale, running express from Richmond to Glenferrie, Glenferrie to Camberwell, Camberwell to Box Hill, then, stopping all stations to Lilydale. [Repeat] And always remember to touch on your myki at the start of your journey.

Train now departing, stand clear, stand clear please.

Attention customers on platform 2, the 10:17 Lilydale has been delayed, and now expected in 5 minutes.

Train now approaching. Stand behind the yellow line and check both directions for approaching train.

Do not board. This train is not taking passengers.

Now you can top up faster than you can find the the mistake in this ad.

Passengers must have a valid ticket.


Welcome to metro. This is a Glen Waverley limited express service via the city loop.

Welcome to metro. This is a Lilydale limited express service stopping all stations to Lilydale except East Richmond.

Now arriving at Camberwell, change here for Alamein services.

This train will be terminated at Camberwell.

All change. This train not taking passengers.

Thank you for traveling with metro.

Direct service to Flinders Street except East Richmond.

Authorized Officer travel on this vehicle. They are here to make sure everyone is paying their way and helping to keep your public transport running smoothly.

There's improvement work ahead, so this train will be terminated at next station. We've arranged replacement services, listen for further announcements.

Good afternoon everyone, this is [Name] from network control center. [Announcement]. Please plan ahead and allow extra travel time. Have a lovely afternoon, and thank you for traveling with metro train.


We are currently in the free tram zone, trips in the free tram zone are free, so you don't need to touch on your myki.

We are now leaving the free tram zone. Touch on your myki now, to ensure you have a valid ticket.

The next stop is Box Hill, stop 58.

Stopping at Box Hill, stop 58.

After the next stop, this tram will turn right.

The next stop will be the last stop. Thank you for traveling with yarra tram.

In an emergency - Call 000 / Talk to your driver, every tram has a direct link to the driver.

Hold On. Sudden stops are sometimes necessary.


报警求助电话 12122



0m 50m 100m


应急车道 禁止驶入

临近出口 提前靠右






区间测速 起点



Hello everyone. Thank you so much for visiting the library, we hope you enjoy your day here, we just want to let you know that the library will be closing in thirty minutes.

Fifteen minutes before we close the library.

Help Stop The Spread

Using forgetting curve to your advantage

When the site is unattended, the site is remotely monitored by Local Opeartion Command Center.

Changes to your service.

When the door is closed, use the intercom.

Colocation Area - No Phorography / No food or drinks / No unauthorized hot works

This cabinet contains live circuits.

Reminder, this is a checkout accepts card only.

Camera technology trial in progress.